Guidelines & Fees


Submission Checklist:

  1. Start and complete the Online Entry Form. At any time during the preparation of your entry, you may save and return to the Online Entry Form to change or add new information. Your entry will have an "incomplete" status until it's completed. When you return to add more information to your entry, you must click "Edit" to proceed.
  2. It is the entrant's responsibility to select the correct category for each entry. Realscreen reserves the right to move submissions into categories deemed suitable however entries submitted in incorrect categories will not be refunded. For category definitions, click here or for further inquiries contact Jennifer Trinh at
  3. If a program is entered into more than one category a submission fee is charged for each category entered.
  4. By entering a program into the competition, the entrant warrants that they have the authority to do so. Coproduction partners should confer to avoid duplicate entries. Duplicate entries will not be refunded.
  5. In regards to series, please submit only one episode to represent the program.
  6. Resubmitted entries from previous years are ineligible and will not be refunded.
  7. Entry fees:
    • Submissions received by Friday, December 2, 2016 are $325 USD per entry
    • Submissions received between Saturday, December 3 - Friday, February 3, 2017 are $425 USD per entry
    You will be prompted to pay fees by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX as you complete the Online Entry Form.
  8. Upload a full episode or program, a 30-second clip of your program, as well as a promotional image in support of your entry using the Tech & Specs instructions below as a guide.


  1. To ensure the smoothest application process, please use the Google Chrome browser.
  2. All Programming Category Award entries must be accompanied by one full episode (in the case of a series) or the program in its entirety (in the case of one-offs), as well as one 30-second clip from the program AND a high-res promotional image from the program to be used in the event the program is shortlisted for nomination to the 2017 Realscreen Awards.
  3. Episodes or programs submitted in support of Programming Category Award entries that are originally produced in a language other than English must be dubbed or subtitled in English.
  4. All episodes or programs must be submitted without visible on-screen time code, company logos, promo reels/spots or commercials.
  5. All episodes or programs in support of Programming Category Award entries must be submitted as they were broadcast, without the content of the program edited in any way.





By submitting video, digital or print content, or any forms of entertainment, advertising or promotional materials as part of an entry to the 2017 Realscreen Awards, you grant permission to Realscreen to: show, play and/or publicly exhibit the submitted content at the 2017 Realscreen Awards ceremony; to exhibit and communicate submitted content to the public by telecommunication; and to charge admission to the awards ceremony where it is exhibited. Entrant companies acknowledge and agree that Realscreen may use the content, or any reproduction of the submitted content in whole or in part, in telecasts, webcasts, exhibits, books, pamphlets, and other publications featuring award entries, and for which Realscreen may receive compensation (i.e. Realscreen Magazine, 2017 Realscreen Awards, Realscreen West 2017). The entrant company holds all necessary rights and/or licenses for such uses of the submitted content by Realscreen as referenced above, including all music and other works contained within the content.

Entrant companies shall be responsible and shall hold Realscreen, its assignees and licensees harmless for talent and/or other residual fees or claims arising by or due to the uses of the submitted content by Realscreen as referenced above. Entrant companies submitting content to the 2017 Realscreen Awards certify and confirm that they have the full authority to grant the rights to Realscreen for the uses referenced above, on its behalf and on behalf of any client for whom the content was produced.